Friday, October 8, 2010

Is packing the hardest part?

It's the day before I leave and I am slowly marking things off my To Do list. Now I can check off one more because after so many people cornered me about blogging, I finally caved. Here it is. I still can't figure out how to make it private and if any of you blogging-geniuses would like to show me how in the next 23.5 hours before I leave for Kenya, let me know. You will find me furiously packing amongst an entire duffel bag full of suture materials, thermometers, and pulse ox machines piled on top of my usual hair-care routine and enough immodium and pepto to stop all the diarrhea in the entire Eastern half of Africa (thanks for the tip Dr Siegel!)

Trying not to forget anything but I know I will be halfway to Amsterdam when I realize I left my ____ at home. My goal is for _____ to not be essential for a month in Kijabe. That reminds me, must add extra contact lenses to the list. Alyson, why did you not put that on the packing list?!


  1. OK, Juliann, you have told us the where and when, but what about the why? and what? and who? and how?

    I am very intrigued about your trip. Our church made a mission trip to Ghana last year, and our pastor has a good relation with a pator in Kenya - maybe another trip there in the future.

    Will you go anywhere near where Fr. Frank lived and worked?

    Looking forward to your next blog.

    Uncle Joe

  2. Uncle Joe,
    I'm in Kenya for a month volunteering at a mission hospital in Kijabe, Kenya. The volunteering isn't done through a mission, though, it's through my residency program. A number of us come down here each year, one at a time to help staff the hospital.

    I'm not where Father Frank was stationed (I looked it up but don't remember where it was...) but this is the largest mission in Kenya. So, if you ever DID come on a mission to Kenya, you might end up in the same place :)

    I'll send you guys pics when I get home!

    hugs for all my TX fam!