Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Retraction

The lessons just keep on coming. This time, it's more personal.

First, I would like thank everyone who wrote me a personal email after my last post. They helped me immensely and it was truly nice to start hearing from so many! All of that being said, I have realized it's perhaps NOT a good idea to use a blog as a personal diary when many people who love you and literally live half-way across the world will read it and then become worried that you are so sad you are about to jump off Mount Longonot. Definitely not the case. Am I sad and lonely? For sure. Am I a little situationally depressed? Definitely. Am I clinically depressed and not able to get through my day without smiling and finding some good in the things I do? Certainly not! It's just taking me some time to realize what this is experience is actually going to be this month and how to come to terms with it while still enjoying myself. I'm trying but it's hard. That's all.

And for all this physical sickness business, it's nothing that I can't handle. Sure, it's not ideal but please don't think that I'm allowing myself to become a shriveled prune who just lies around and doesn't attempt to rehydrate or eat food. Not the case, I'm well taken care of here with the meds I brought from home. My recovery is just taking a little while longer than anticipated with some extra post-infectious complications. No biggie. No need to worry over there. I swear!

Ok, well, I think that's all I have to report today-- it's been pretty boring around here to tell you the truth. I was supposed to be off this weekend but I think I just got roped into doing intern's work on Saturday. Need to decide how I'm going to put a kabash on that in the next few days. Cuz I'm tellin' you right now, that ain't happening, no matter how pseudo-depressed I am!!!


  1. JGG - here are a few tips:
    1. the best bathrooms are in the ICU or peds floor. they may even have soap. sometimes. definitely not TP, though. kleenex packs! v. handy.
    2. kijabe is insane. as you know, it's probably the most unique, exciting, troubling, unbelievable thing you'll do as a doc. or maybe even a person. it is hard hard hard. for sure.
    3. say hi to the interns from me! i especially love anne pulei, dimitrius, and obonyo. but they are all great.
    4. soak it all in - it's crazy but you'll miss it when you're back to our consumer-obesessed, materialistic, spoiled society of worried wells. fo' reals.
    5. i dare you to come back with cornrows.

  2. Pseudo-depression ... I love it. Thanks for a diagnosis I can self-assign going forward.